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Allow you to increase your prices and spend less time editing.

Cultivate connection and intention in your photo sessions. 

Bring joy & creativity back into your photography business.

The truth is, film photography is a game changer. I truly believe that EVERYONE can benefit from picking up a film camera because it slows you down and makes you a better photographer.  Besides the beautiful photographs themselves? Film will:

And what if, by learning film, you could fall in love with photography again, create work you adore, and build the business of your dreams?

easy, simple, & fun?

WHAT IF learning film photography could be

I'm in!

Your learn film photography? 

wouldn't you like to Make this the year

An online, beginner's guide to shooting film! This course is filled with all the info you need to pick up a film camera and create work you love. Whether you're a photographer, biz owner, mama, or hobbyist...this course was made for you.

Shooting FIlm Without Fear


I'll review how to load your film camera and important camera settings you'll need to know throughout your film journey.

Loading your camera

Module 3

First things first! I'll teach you all about film gear and the differences between 35mm and medium format film cameras.

Film Gear

Module 2

This lesson includes a brief overview of film, my journey as a hybrid photographer, and all the reasons I believe film can change your business.

Intro Into Film

Module 1

Part 01. Let's Shoot Film - A jam-packed online course that'll get you shooting film in no time.

Film handles light much differently than digital which is why this module is dedicated to understanding different lighting situations while shooting film. 

Understanding Light

module 6

Light metering is easy! I'll walk you through the wonderful world of light meters and metering during your photo sessions.

Light Metering

module 5

In this module, I'll go over the different film stocks you can choose from, how to rate your film, and the difference between "pushing" and "pulling".

Film Stocks + Rating

module 4

I'll show you the minor adjustments I make to my film scans and review the ins and outs of editing film!

Editing FIlm Scans

module 9

The lab relationship will be crucial during your film journey! In this module, you'll listen to my thoughts on how to choose and communicate with your film lab!

The Lab Relationship

module 8

Congratulations, you've shot your first roll of film! Now what? I'll teach you how to package your film, fill out an order form, and send you film off to be developed.

I've shot a roll, now what?

module 7

Part 02. Incorporating Film into Your Business - A 78 page physical book, packed with info and beautiful images that covers: 

- Getting published

- Posing Tips

- Pricing for Film

- Consistency

- Workflow

- Marketing Tips

I'm sold!

SIgn up today and receive two bonus modules: Shooting Flat Lays on Film + How To Shoot Double Exposures!



Shooting Film Without Fear is a $995 value! My in-person film workshops sell for $850 and the Hybrid Photographer book sells for $145. Don't miss out on this amazing deal!

but don't just take my word for it!

— Katie

I really am loving the course so far, I've had my film camera for over a year and have been so intimidated by it. This course has me feeling less scared and more excited about film."

"this course has me feeling less scared & more excited about film!"

— Kate

Thank you, Julie for always being such a great teacher and inspiring me to try new things! Film has changed my life- I'm no longer a slave to editing and I feel like a better mom! That's priceless!"

""I'm no longer a slave to editing & feel like a better mom! That's priceless!"


"I love it! I’ve been trying to shoot film for 6 months and I love that you walked through the film types and how to rate film. Thanks so much for making this amazing class!"

"I love it! Thanks so much for making this amazing class!"

My work has been seen on the cover of People magazine. 

I co-founded the Hybrid Co. A yearly conference all about shooting film.

Since switching to film, my bookings average between $10k-$15k.

I'm Julie! A former teacher turned wedding photographer with a passion for creating beauty behind my camera (and teaching you to do the same). It may sound dramatic, but film IS life-changing and I'm ready to share everything I know about this beautiful form of photography so that you can reap its benefits.  Let's do this! 

Since 2011, I've increased my prices, booked dream clients, fallen in love with the art of photography again, and gained back precious time with my loved ones.  - I owe a lot of that to film and I can't wait to show you how to do the same!

Because FIlm has changed my business (and life).


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*Shooting Film Without Fear also includes access to the *SAFE* Private FB group! Julie and her team will be active to answer questions, offer help & critique when asked, and offer on-going tips & education. 

You could continue spending hours upon hours editing behind a computer.

You could admire film photographer's work and envy them from afar.

You could put off learning film until next year (or the one after that).



You could attract your dream clients and share your work with pride.

You could get back time with loved ones instead of behind a computer.

You could find joy in your photography business again! 

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